Hello! I'm the Tenth Doctor. Feel free to ask me anything!


Anonymous asked
You're amazing.

So I’m told.

Anonymous asked
I saw you eating a pear as a human ._.

I thought I told Martha to keep a close eye on my eating.

spaceyplacey asked
Do you ever just get so frustrated that you didn't get to tell rose that you love her when it counted? Like, do you ever just scream it into the darkness of the tardis even though she can't hear it?

You’ve no idea. 

Anonymous asked
Have you ever met any Past/Future regenerations?

No, I can’t seem to recall… Though oddly enough I do vaguely remember something. A fez, perhaps?

Found a fez the other day. Not entirely sure how it got there…

lauren-crook asked
Why didn't you tell Rose you loved her? We all know she is your soul mate. </3

I tried. Believe me, I tried.

food-friends-music asked
you look a lot like a man I once knew named Barty Crouch Jr... do you know him?

Ah yes, funny thing, that. JK Rowling and I met a few years back and… well, it was very complicated, and some Daleks were involved, along with Julius Caesar, but long story short she offered me an acting gig in one of her movies.

I did meet who the character was based off. Lives in a giant shoe now.

annajsimps asked
Dear Doctor, I like your shoelaces


Yes, they’re quite handsome, aren’t they?

Anonymous asked
I scrolled through your blog and accidentally swallowed a bee while laughing a little too hard. Good thing actually, 'cause I'm allergic to bee stings--


I don’t think that’s particular healthy and urge you to get that checked out by a medical professional.

I’m not that kind of doctor.

official-homulily asked